Battlefield Hardline Players Get These Five Most Requested Fixes in Next Patch

Electronic Arts has shared the top five most-requested fixes players are getting in the next patch for the cops-and-criminals-themed first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline.

“While the launch has proven stable, we can always get better and you’ll see some miscellaneous fixes for the most frequent crashes in this patch,” Battlefield Hardline lead multiplayer designer Thaddeus Sasser said on the game’s website. “We’re also addressing these top 5 priority issues as identified by the community.”

The top five fixes:

  • Punkbuster fixes – “We’re addressing some of the heavy CPU usage seen by players”
  • Nvidia DirectX driver fixes – “We’re working with our partners at Nvidia to create new drivers to prevent the most common crash issues”
  • Extended Conquest time – “We’ve extended the length of Conquest matches by increasing the number of tickets on both Large and Small”
  • Fixed TDM spawns – “We’ve adjusted spawn points and the spawn system for better TDM spawning”
  • Multiple weapon balance tweaks – “We’ve addressed some common complaints with the weapon balance, there will be more coming soon”
  • “If your favorite fix isn’t listed here, don’t despair – just remember that fixes will always run behind community sentiment,” Sasser said. “We’re still working hard every day to improve the gameplay experience to make Battlefield Hardline even more fun.”

You can find the full patch notes on the Battlelog forum, and EA said it will share an exact release date for the patch “soon.”

EA also announced that its introducing a “Rent-A-Server program,” which will allow players on all platforms to customize multiplayer matches and play with friends.

The publisher recently released an infographic with some impressive numbers about the game, but has yet to reveal how many players it has or how many copies it sold.


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