Apple ramps up smartwatch push with launch of first TV ad

And so with Apple’s new smartwatch comes, as you’d expect, Apple’s new TV ad for its smartwatch. If you sat through a livestream of Monday’s ‘Spring Forward’ event, you’ll have already seen it. If not, you can watch it here.

It packs a lot into 60 seconds, from a screen-filling opening shot of the device’s Digital Crown to a rapid run-through of its strap and case designs to a quickfire tour of the many apps you’ll find on the wearable when it lands in stores on April 10 (though you won’t actually be able to walk out the door with one till April 24).

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There’s no voiceover on the ad, just a soundtrack drawn from a track by LA-based “brat pop” duo Holychild.

The slick and snappy production forms the latest part of a global marketing campaign by Apple for its first smartwatch. The company has already taken out a 12-page ad in this month’s Vogue, while designer Jony Ive has been doing more than his fair share of interviews with mainstream publications since the watch was first announced back in September.

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Having enjoyed massive success with the iPhone and iPad, not to mention with its lineup of computers, the Cupertino company is desperate for the Apple Watch to be a hit with consumers, especially as the device represents its first entry into a new product category since the launch of the iPad five years ago.

However, Apple’s decision to lump the Apple Watch together with the iPod, Apple TV, and accessories in a new ‘other products’ category when reporting its quarterly sales figures means it may be a while before we discover just how enthusiastic iPhone owners are about the new device.

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