All The New Switch Games Announced At Today’s Nintendo Direct

Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation is primed to reveal new details on its upcoming Mario-themed sports game, Mario Tennis Aces. In addition, there’ll be news on a fair number of new 3DS games, which is a surprise considering Nintendo’s focus on Switch as of late. If you want a quick rundown of all the news and the big reveals, you’re in the right place. Be sure to refresh this article often as we update it with the latest news as it gets announced.

This latest Direct is the second of the year, after the Mini presentation that aired in January. That provided more information regarding Mario + Rabbids DLC and Payday 2’s Switch port; it was also where Nintendo revealed Dark Souls Remastered for Switch and an updated edition of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. For more from that event, check out all the new Switch games shown during the January 2018 Nintendo Direct. Otherwise, check out the announcements below.


Warioware Gold | August 3

Similar to Mario Party 100, WarioWare is getting a similar collection that bundles up 300 microgames in a single package. Titled WarioWare Gold, there are both new and classic mini-games included, that each make use of the 3DS’ touchscreen, mic, more.

Dillon’s Dead Heat Breakers | May 24

The latest entry in the Dillon’s Rolling Western series allows its titular character to team up with your Mii, who can join your team as gunners. A demo for the game will be available on May 10.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey | TBA 2019

A remake of the critically-acclaimed Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is coming in 2019. New features include allowing you to switch between the brothers to platform inside Bowser and then control Bowser outside to explore the overworld.

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Remake | TBA 2018

A remake of GameCube classic is set to release on 3DS. New features, include a mansion map displayed on bottom screen and a new Boss Rush mode.


Okami HD Switch | Summer 2018

The Okami HD reamster is heading to Switch. It allows you to use touch screen controls in handheld mode to control the Celestial Brush. Likewise, Joy-Con motion controls can be used in TV/tabletop modes. It launches digital only this summer.

Dark Souls Amiibo And Network Test Beta | May 25

The big surprise to close out January’s Nintendo Direct Mini presentation was a Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered. The latest Nintendo Direct event has now brought further Dark Souls news for Nintendo fans. Alongside the game itself, an Amiibo figure based on Dark Souls is on the way. A network test beta is also scheduled to occur sometime before launch.


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