A Nightwing Movie Is In The Works

Yet another superhero movie is reportedly in development, this one based on Nightwing.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, which adds that Warner Bros. is in negotiations with The Lego Batman Movie‘s Chris McKay to direct the film. As for a writer, Bill Dubuque is apparently attached; his past credits include The Accountant, A Family Man, and The Judge.

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Nightwing is the alter ego of Dick Grayson, who served as Batman’s sidekick, Robin (the first one). There’s no word yet on how this new film would fit into the existing line of DC movies.

Batman v Superman briefly shows Robin’s outfit covered in spray paint, and director Zack Snyder suggested in an interview that the character had been killed during an encounter with the Joker. It’s possible that could simply be ignored for a Nightwing movie–the movie itself doesn’t give a definitive account of what occurred–or it may be a different Robin who was killed.

We don’t yet know when Warner Bros. hopes to release the Nightwing movie. There are quite a few DC films on the way in the near future, including Wonder Woman, a pair of Justice Leagues, Aquaman, and The Batman. The latter just signed a new director after Ben Affleck dropped out of the role, though as of now, he is still scheduled to star in it.


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