5 Reasons Why GTA Online Heists Is The Best DLC Ever Released

Rockstar Games just released the free DLC Heists for GTA Online, and it immediately looked amazing. It is full length cooperative piece of content that GTA V has so far been missing, inspired by one of the most acclaimed features in the Story Mode. As the add-on reached the virtual shelves, and some stability issues got solved, we managed to list five reasons why you should absolutely play GTA Online Heists. Take a look at it and tell us in the comments section below what you think.

GTA V: GTA Online Heists


I played it last night and five minutes was the longest wait my friend and I had in the matchmaking. Furthermore, no any other issues during the gameplay, that felt as smooth as the actual heists we could have played in the Story Mode. I heard Rockstar Games is still working to improve on that, so it can get even better, for more gamers who would like to join this free content with their copy of the title.


Unlikely the previous contents released for GTA Online, my character felt like he was truly alive and part of the original crew of the game. Rockstar Games was great in creating cut-scenes that integrated perfectly the character with both the scenario and the mood of GTA V. And this is probably the best part of the add-on, where you understand that it is top quality in comparison with the others and loyal to the atmosphere of the series.


Rockstar didn’t feel like it was enough to publish a completely new cooperative mode. They wanted to enrich the game and its online counterpart with all new contents, and they managed to do that. Heists introduces in fact new vehicles like a Harrier Jet – the mission that introduces it is amazing – and the Insurgent, that look a perfect fit for both the tone of the DLC and its purpose.


The structure of each mission really invites you to talk and communicate with your teammates. It is open and needs a great coordination among the gamers, if they want to get out alive.
I think this is the true soul of cooperative games, something really different from titles where developers seem a bit forced to add co-op modes – for example, I truly enjoyed Diablo III with a friend of mine but I keep believing it is a solo experience where each gamer try to get the best equip possible for himself. GTA Online Heists is different, as I said: you will need to have all of your friends alive at the end of the match. This introduces us to the last point of our list.


If you really want to enjoy GTA Online Heists, you have to regroup with three friends of yours and play. Playing it alone and searching for online teammates means to do yourself a disservice. This is why you don’t ever know how much seriously the other gamers can take a match. Maybe they just want to take a break and run through the maps without completing any objective, and that’s how you ruin a heist… You don’t ever know.


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