13 Angriest Moments From Netflix’s New Anime Show Aggretsuko

The Japanese company Sanrio are best known in the west for Hello Kitty; for over 40 years the anthropomorphic cat has been one of the most popular brands in the world. But Sanrio has made a lot more than just Hello Kitty–Gudetama, Keroppi, Pochacco, My Melody, and Badtz Maru are among the popular kawai characters that have played a major part in Japanese pop-culture over the years.

Retsuko is the latest addition to the Sanrio family. While the adorable red panda at the center of the brilliant new Netflix show Aggretsuko looks every bit as cute as these other characters, she is very different. For a start she is an adult, a 25-year-old trying to navigate life in the big city. She hates her job in accounting, which has slowly crushed her once optimistic outlook on life. But Retsuko has a secret–after work every night she heads to a karaoke bar and rids herself of all her frustrations by screaming death metal into the mic she carries with her at all times. The entire first season of Aggretsuko is now on Netflix, and to celebrate, here’s all the times that Retsuko gets mad…

1. “S****y Boss!”

Episode 1

Retsuko suffers her daily humiliation from Mr Ton, who mocks her tea-making abilities and then announces that at least incompetent women “are better than the competent ones.” During a restroom break, Retsuko delivers a screaming critique of her disgusting boss. “Looking at you face just makes me sick,” she screams. “How can anybody be such a d**k?”

2. “Choke on my rage!”

Episode 1

The episode ends with Retsuko after work in her happy place–yelling cathartic death metal at the local karaoke bar. “End of the world, karaoke all alone! Heal all the pain from my office job!”

3. “Strike them down!”

Episode 2

Retsuko is forced to watch Ton playing golf in the office while grumbling about his need for a vacation. “Lightning rant ne your vengeance!” she screams, imagining bolts of lightning hitting Ton, his weasley assistant Komiya, and her bullying supervisor Tsubone, blasting them from the face of the planet.

4. “Team players lose!”

Episode 2

Retsuko’s workload just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and it doesn’t help that her brutally honest colleague Fenneko calls her a “cowardly robot” for not standing up for herself. “You tell me that I’m just a drone! Plain vanilla life ‘till the moment I die!” Retsuko screams in resignation.

5. “I am triumphant!”

Episode 3

Tired of being pushed around and with a new job on the horizon, Retsuko finally stands up to Tsubone and tell her to do her own work instead of giving it all to her. At the karaoke bar later, she lets a out a howl of triumph.

6. “Matrimonial freedom!”

Episode 4

With her dreams of quitting her job to join Puko’s import/export business gone, Retsuko comes with a new plan–find a man, get married, and live off his earnings. “Matrimonial freedom!” she bellows in the work bathroom.

7. “The pain never ends”

Episode 5

This episode opens with Retsuko in the bar ranting about nothing in particular; it’s just a cathartic “scream into the darkness!”

8. “Death metal forever!”

Episode 5

Retsuko is talked into going to karaoke by Washimi and Gori, her new yoga buddies. Reluctant to reveal that she is a regular, she spends ages choosing a song, before Gori reads outs in the code given to her by their mysterious fitness instructor. The result is a furious display of Retsuko’s full metal powers, much to Washimi and Gori’s delight.

9. “Why did this happen?”

Episode 6

Retsuko takes Tsundo’s advice about how to win Mr Ton over, but it goes horribly wrong, and she ends up being yelled at even more. Luckily there’s always karaoke to vent her feelings of deep frustration.

10. “I called you out hard and I’mma get away clean!”

Episode 7

It seems that Retsuko isn’t the only karaoke monster in the office. At work drinks, Ton and Retsuko engage in a vocal duel. Ton’s weapon-of-choice is classic hip-hop, and he delivers a devastating smackdown. “Meek and mediocre, you never really stand out, waiting for your check like its nothing but a hand-out!”

11. “I hate you so much!”

Episode 7

But of course, Ton’s rhyming skills are no match for Retsuko’s demented death-bellow. In response, she unleashes an apocalyptic blast of metal mayhem upon him. “Look at you there, wanting a reply! Here it comes pig, here’s my battle cry! You’re a s****y boss!!!”

12. “Too many beers!”

Episode 8

Not really a song, but even the sounds of Retsuko vomiting after too many beers sounds great with a death metal accompaniment.

13. “Metal til I die!”

Episode 11

After Ton gives her surprisingly heartfelt advice about her self-worth, Retsuko realises that she must tell her boyfriend Resasuke who she really is; namely a meek office worker by day, screaming metal demon by night! She takes him to karaoke and puts on her favourite song. “Underneath the smile I’m metal to the bottom of my soul!!!” She howls in his non-plussed face. They break up minutes later.


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